I’m back

Well, no one reads me. No one knows about me. No one even knows I’ve been “away” for 10 full days! My old PC broke, my Mac was useless, and now I’ve got a new PC. Ah… at last! I really missed writing, but as the time went by, I, again, got used to not writing – which is really bad for my blog.

I’m so bad at letting the world know about me. If I were rich I’d had people doing it for me, but I’m not, so I only have myself to do it. I like writing, but then – how do I get other people to read what I wrote? I guess I’d have to do some work and post my address in every blog I read.

My very little etsy shop also suffered. I have to, have to, have to add some mew items to it.

I really have to say that without a computer, or – without the internet, I felt disconnected from the world, but day after day, I also felt a bit more free. Free from reading e-mails, free from the need to see if I got any new e-mails every hour, free from any net-obligations, which was rather nice. It’s not that I really used my time any better though… (I really felt the urge to put a smily here – but not that yellow thingy, only a typed one – how do I get rid of the drawn smily? (Actually I haven’t learnt how to manage my blog yet so stuff here is still messy. Hope my husband will be to use here).

Ok – I have to publish some pictures, right? otherwise this blog will suffer from bored-nonreaders.

See you!

boy's scarf

boy's scarf

girl's scarf

girl's scarf

girl's scarf #2

girl's scarf #2

girl's scarf #3

girl's scarf #3


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