Goodbye PC hello Mac hello PC

My PC breathed its last breath yesterday. May it rest in peace. Thank god I kept my old Mac. I retreived it from the basement and connected all the wires myself – only I disconnected the router so only I had Internet in this house yesterday – unintentionally of course. I’m so bad at these things. My husband noticed he couldn’t have a connection to the net, so of course I had to hear his cynical remarks… He’s know for them đŸ™‚ – part of why I married him (it can get on your nerves sometimes though…). He has a strong dislike to Macs. He is a software engineer and works only with PC’s, so you understand his frustration – he knows almost nothing about the Mac, and I was too lazy to learn more about it than I needed in the days I used it – so it’s a freak in a PC lovers’ house. As soon as Segev saw it back on my desk he went and found me a brand new PC (cheap and good!) – which I will probably have by the weekend. Yeah!! Then I will be able to upload some illustrations of mine to the blog – you will know this side of me as well.

In the meantime I can’t seem to be able to upload pictures from my Mac so you’ll just have to wait.

See you.


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